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Shivajyothi Dance Academy

Akhanda-mandalaakaaram Vyaaptam Yena Charaacharam

Tadpadam Darshitam Yena Tasmai Sri Guruve Namaha

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Prostrations to that noble teacher by whom that state is indicated which pervades the entire cosmos, everything animate and inanimate.



              Smt. Thejaswini Raj mastered the Kaattumanar Koil Muthukumaran Pillai style of Bharathanatyam under the guidance of her father. Her father, the late Guru Shri S.V. Srinivasan, was a direct disciple of Sri. Muthu(k)kumaran Pillai, one of the founding teachers of Kalashetra. She continued her training under the tutelage of other renowned gurus of South India in the Pandanallur style. She is known for her intricate and exquisite choreography. She underwent formal training in Rhythm (Laya) under the guidance of Sri. A. R. Balaskandan, a renowned teacher of Mridangam, Ganjira and Violin in New York, for several years and incorporates this knowledge in all her choreography. 

                Her students have won many dance competitions and performed in venues across India, Europe & America. Prominent students include Meenakshi Seshadri, Sunanda Nair, Anandi Ramachandran, and Rajeshwari Sachdev. Her students in NY and NJ have performed at various prestigious venues like the Lincoln Center, NY, World Conference of Music and Dance, California, and the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival. Her productions, Devi Bhagavatham and Sri Krishna Geetham were performed and widely appreciated in the Tri-State area. 

               Shiva Jyothi Dance Academy has branches in Queens (New York), as well as in Cranbury and Parsippany (New Jersey).

Smt. Thejaswini Raj is an accomplished professional Bharathanatyam teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience. She founded her institute, Shiva Jyothi Dance Academy at Mumbai in the year 1980. This institution, that spans over three decades and two continents, is committed to preserving and perpetuating the ancient and spiritual artform of Bharathanatyam. She strives to impart through the medium of Bharathanatyam, cultural, spiritual and devotional awareness to all her students, nurturing their passion and appreciation for this 5000-year-old art. 

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